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PeaceKeeper Character Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III
Mike Mills

Mikey, by Lyla

Mike Mills techinically died in 2032. Luckily for the female population of the universe, Lyla Toomney is a through researcher and an excellent Holographic Reality (HR) programmer. Mike is a holographic clone of Mike Mills, circa 1994. He's fairly complete, but, due to a period of information loss around 2050, there were large gaps in his personality that Lyla had to make up. Hence, while Mike looks, sounds, plays and sometimes acts like the original Mike Mills, there are major differences between the clone and reality. Mike and the rest of the members of R.E.M. circa 1994 exist inside an HR system Lyla programmed.

One of the biggest differences between Mike and his fellow band mates is that Lyla spent more time programming him than she did the others. Hence, his organic programming that allows for personality growth is more extensive. In short, Mikey's not content with playing life, as Michael Stipe put it in a conversation to Lyla.

Vital Stats
Name: Mike Mills
Rank: n/a
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Years of Service: n/a
Stationed: Quorta III
Age: appears 36
Height: 5'10"
Eye color: Brown
Hair/pelt color: Dark Blond
Email c/o Lyla