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PeaceKeeper Character Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III
Barbara Sorrenson

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Officially, Barb works as a computing consultant for a small firm, but in the six years she's done that she hasn't set a foot in the office. Instead she spends her time on a tiny battered ship she scrounged up enough money to save, as much to have something mechanical of her very own to fool with as to have an excuse to spend as much time alone as possible.

Barbara is the unofficial sixth child in Khudo^vi's very large family. The gaunt looking woman's natural mother spent most of her time drinking frequently and heavily, and as a result Barb spent most of what could be called her childhood living elsewhere, and eventually fell in with the roaming mob of young Kickran. It was actually a good thing; safety in number was valuable for a youngster who's appearance attracted attention, mostly negative. The woman is actually only half-Doppelganger, the freakish result of a one night stand between a human and a human-shifted Doppleganger father. Though at a distance she appears to be fully 'Ganger, under closer scrutiny there are too many small differences for that argument to hold up. As a result she avoids most people and treats strangers with a coldness bordering on open hostility. It's an effective strategy, but it has gained her very few allies and fewer friends.

Vital Stats
Name: Barbara Sorrenson
Rank: Civilian
Gender: female
Species: Doppleganger
Years of Service: n/a
Stationed: n/a
Age: 64
Height: 5'5"
Eye color: gold-rimmed blue
Hair/pelt color: white
Email c/o Varras