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PeaceKeeper Character Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III
Cejay Graniteclaw

Cejay Graniteclaw, by Lyla

Technically, for his species, Cejay's hardly even middle-aged, but he's been the one constant member of the Chavenlink force. He's been here longer than Lyla. Roughly ten years ago, the PeaceKeepers reopened the Chavenlink base due to Cejay's report that the PeaceKeepers were still needed there. He had been thought to be the sole remaining memeber of the old force and killed when the PeaceKeepers had withdrawn from Quorta III.

Like most male Stonecats, Cejay is violently sensitive about his age. If someone asks, there's a good chance they're going to be faced with a very angry Stonecat with a pair of very sharp claws. The same also goes for Jesse Blackshoulder, but Jesse is more likely to rend flesh than Cejay.

Vital Stats
Name: Cejay Graniteclaw
Rank: Private, file 2nd
Gender: Male
Species: Stonecat
Years of Service: 35
Stationed: Chavenlink, Quorta III
Age: 180-230
Height: 2'4" at the shoulder, 6'7" standing
Eye color: Yellow-gold
Hair/pelt color: Grey flecked with black
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