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PeaceKeeper Character Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III

Challey, by Cara

Challey (affectionately known as 'Charlie' to her few close friends,) was orphaned as a cub soon after birth and was instead raised by a family of humans on Ralier after a certain Grahn supply runner saved her from starvation and delivered her to the largest port city. She grew up around humans, so much so that her social skills with non humans is very poor...and she become increasingly uncomfortable around those of even her own species. She progressed quickly through the ranks, leaning towards the patrol pilot's duties...long range missions where she could just download her data and send it rather than meet face to face with her superiors.

A few of her encounters with other nonhumans left a bitter taste in her mouth. All throughout PK training, she was ruthlessly picked on by the other cadets. Challey has strange proportions for a Kickran...she's rather short, her muzzle is stubbier than most of her kind, and her ears are long and slightly drooping... once she was even teased for being a stunted, tweak-eared, wingless grahn. She has never stepped foot in the officer's lounge since. Technically, she is under Sgt. Lyla's command...but has never met her superior face to face. She spends most of her time in HR programs of her own design, racing her high speed patrol skimmer across grand, beautiful and peaceful landscapes. Her HR form is that of a quiet, unassuming human female and the only physical similarities between her forms is the old style wire-rim glasses and long brown-rust hair. It's almost as if she is ashamed of what she is...

Vital Stats
Name: Challey
Rank: 2nd Corporal
Gender: Femle
Species: Kickran
Years of Service: 10
Stationed: Quorta III
Age: 28
Height: 5'8"
Eye color: Dark sapphire-blue
Hair/pelt color: Rust with black splotches. White marks on face and tail
Email c/o H'rarr