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PeaceKeeper Character Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III
Chaitlji "Chitty" Kre-Lai

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Chaitlji "Chitty" Kre-Lai is a muscular, reclusive fellow, a rather uncommon find among his usually quite talkitive and friendly species. He joined the PeaceKeepers when his clan ordered him to do so, and all his life he has been resigned to following the orders of others. He often seems zombie-ish; almost like there's no real personality behind his bright eyes and sharp features. It's too bad, because he's not bad looking as far as giant reptillians go.

Vital Stats
Name: Chaitlji Kre-Lai
Rank: 2nd Corporal
Gender: Male
Species: Sinat'cha
Years of Service: 12
Stationed: Chavenlink, Quorta III
Age: 30
Height: 7'4"
Eye color: Amber
Hair/pelt color: Pale brown hide with black stripes and red-tipped crest
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