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PeaceKeeper Character Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III
Phillip Marshalls

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Phillip joined the PeaceKeepers originally because he couldn't think of anything else he'd rather do. His departure came as a shock to his parents, who had been training him for years under the assumption that he would one day join them in their restaurant chain. Unfortunately, Phil proved to have more interest in eating than cooking.

The slim, lanky man left for the PeaceKeepers under somewhat misguided ideas of adventure and exotic locations. Instead, he found work to be both demanding and, at times, frustrating. Fortunately, Phil is an incurable optimist. Though he struggles on a daily basis, he hasn't yet lost faith in the system and tries his hardest to do his duty...even when he isn't entirely sure what that is.

Vital Stats
Name: Phillip Marshalls
Rank: Private, file 3rd
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Years of Service: 4
Stationed: Chavenlink, Quorta III
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Eye color: brown
Hair/pelt color: black
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