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Welcome to PeaceKeeper Headquarters

Chavenlink, Quorta III

The building you enter is imposing, both from without and within. The long corridors are paved with concrete and the walls are made of permasteel, both a steely grey shade. The first room you enter is the lobby. It has three corridors branching from it, one straight ahead that leads into the main portion of the building and one on either hand that lead to the left and right wings of offices. Beside the main double doors, on your right, is a receptionist's desk. Currently, the receptionist is missing and, in her place, is a tall, lean, human-looking woman in a PeaceKeeper's maroon and navy uniform. From her rank piping, she appears to be a sergeant.

When she sees that she has your attention, the woman stands up, smiles slightly and strides around the desk. "Welcome to PeaceKeeper Headquarters, Chavenlink. I'm PeaceKeeper Sergeant Lyla Toomney. It's a pleasure to meet you." She gives you a firm handshake, but you feel the tiny prick of claws. She smiles again and, this time, you notice that she seems to have fangs... "As you may have gathered by now," she chuckles, "I'm not human. Actually, we here in Chavenlink have the lowest percentage of humans in our PeaceKeeper forces: only about 30%. The rest of our force is made up of Kickran, Motoybian Gin, Lousins and Rramackroft such as myself. We're pretty proud of that figure, even though several of our PeaceKeepers are a little frustrated with the low number of humans around." She makes a face, obviously thinking of someone in particular. "Only our human PeaceKeepers gripe about it and even they don't dare gripe often." She glances at you and grins, baring fangs about the length of half a human finger. "Rramackrof aren't known for their patience." With that, she trots off down the main hall, obviously expecting you to follow. "This is our main compound. It's only been reopened in the last ten years or so. Before my time, I guess, the PeaceKeepers removed their offical presence here and let the compound go to pot. Then, for whatever reason, they called me in to fix it up again, make the PeaceKeeper presence known here again. The smuggling was pretty bad for a while, until the compound was reopened."

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