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PeaceKeeper Species Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III

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Alternate names: Face Dancers, P'trana(e) The Dopplegangers are, perhaps, one of the most-persecuted species in the known universe. This persecution stems from their ability to stealing the life-essence "soul" of another being. Dopplegangers are humanoid, human-sized beings of androgynous build (both male and female). They are pallid of skin with wine-red stripes all over their bodies. All Dopplegangers have green eyes, the edges and catlike pupils of which are lined with gold. Their ears are rather large and pointed. Dopplegangers, as a species, share the abilities of limited telepathy and prescience, the shapeshifting abilities, and a talent of fading into shadows to complete invisibility. They can also, by benifit of a highly-flexible bone-structure, run on all fours as fast or faster than their already impressive running speed on two feet.


Vital Stats
Name: Dopplegangers
Homeworld: Tran
Ave. Size: Human-sized
Submission by: Lorkaes