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PeaceKeeper Species Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III

Fili-gin Concept by Cara Mitten

In the Motobian system, there are four habitable planets, Filigo, Ego, Kigo and Vorgo. All sub-species are loyal to preserving the system, which is under attack from within by an overload of Power, a mystical force present in several different species. If not brought to balance, the Powers would tear the system apart, implode the sun and demolish every planet and colony in the system. Within each colony, there are large families, known as Clans. Each Clan has a name, by which its members are identified (ie: Si'hie d'Marca is of the clan Marca).

In all Gin sub-species, male Gin have a two-part name, consisting of a two-letter fore-part and a three-letter aft-part, which is the same in all members of a particular clan's generation (ie: Si'hie and his brother, Ho'hie are from the same clan, the same family and the same generation). Female members have the same name construction, but without the /'/ character.

The difference between the different Gin subspecies is fairly simple: Homeplanet and wing-type. Fili-gin (see above image) have long, straight wings with a hard, chitinous leading edge and are from Filigo. E-gin have fan-foldable butterfly-like wings and are from Ego. Vor-gin have long, straight wings that lack the Fili-gin leading edge (more like dragonfly wings) and are from Vorgo. Ki-gin have hardly any wings at all and are from Kigo. What wings the Ki-gin have are twisted and deformed, due to their planet's immensly higher gravity.

Vital Stats
Name: Gin
Home System: Motoby
Ave. Size: Human-sized and larger
Ave. Lifespan: 80 T-years
Submission by: Lyla