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PeaceKeeper Species Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III

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The draconic, furred Lousins were one of the few species that, once humans were colonizing space, were the subject of a debate on sentience. Because of their size, resemblence of something from human legend and the appearant lack of a clear native language all counted as points against them. Never mind that they lived in highly sophisticated family groups and were in the process of building space-worthy craft.

The Lousi system has three habitable planets, AlphaLousi, BetaLousi and OmegaLousi. Alpha is the closest to their sun and mostly desert. Beta is the next out from Alpha and fairly Old Earth-like, mostly water with some medium to large continents, mostly grouped near the ice caps. Omega is the furthest away from their sun and almost entirely ice, save for the tropics, which maintain a temperature range similar to Old Earth's midwest region, without the midwest's seasonal changes.


Vital Stats
Name: Lousins
Homeworld: Lousi
Average size: 6'-7' average
Average hair/pelt color: white and grey for Arctic, darker for other climates
Average lifespan: 60-80 T-years
Submitted by: Lyla