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PeaceKeeper Species Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III

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Manquets originate from a small world called Lanados in Sector 17. The tiny, non-sentient felanoids average in length from 1.5-3 ft and from 7-25 lbs with males tending to be larger than the females. They all have short, plush pelts ranging in color from solid black or grey to strikingly patterned reds and browns. Some flashier breeds have been domesticated and sold as pets, but they don't have nearly the level of intelligence of wild Manquets. Wild Manquets have non-sentient intelligence that is around the same level of Terran dolphins.


Vital Stats
Name: Manquets
Homeworld: Lanados
Ave. Size: 1.5-3
Ave. Hair/pelt/skin color: dark red-brown
Ave. Lifespan: 10 T-years
Submission by: Lyla