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PeaceKeeper Species Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III

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These bipedal reptilians are the handy-men of the galaxy; they have a reputation for being able to fix anything. Standing almost two and a half meters tall, the average Sinat'cha is a ruddy brown with darker stripes, but most earthtones have been seen; even some reddish, black, and albinos. Physically they resemble Utahraptors, with a strong jaw of sharp teeth and a three-fingered hand with not one, but two opposable thumbs. Their feet are large and bear a sycle-shaped "killing" claw, which is deadly. In most cases, three or more ornately coloured featherlike shafts fan from the back of their heads to form a sort of crest.

Vital Stats
Name: Sinat'cha
Homeworld: Unknown
Ave. Size: 2 1/2 meters tall
Ave. Hair/pelt color: earthtones
Submission by: Lav^ki