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PeaceKeeper Species Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III

Onyx Stonecat by Linnea Draper

Quadrapedal/bipedal warm-blooded felinoids native to Quorta III. Stonecats can be broken into three subspecies, told apart by their physical appearance: Gem Stonecats, Metal Stonecats and True Stonecats. Most commonly seen off-planet are the Metals, who appear to be made of precious metals like titanium, silver or gold. Gems (like Emerald, Ruby or Topaz) are nomadic and occationally leave Quorta III. True Stonecats (like Granite, Shale or Sandstone) very rarely leave planet and are usually found in small cities or colonies. Mixed bloods can take the appearance of semi-precious stones (Onyx, Pearl, Opal, Quartz) and can interbreed, but Mix/Mix pairings can be very dangerous and are likely to produce still-born kittens.

All Stonecats are very sensitive about their ages, but none so much as the males.

Vital Stats
Name: Stonecats
Homeworld: Quorta III
Ave. Size: Human-sized
Ave. Lifespan: 600 T-years
Submission by: Lyla