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Welcome to PeaceKeeper Headquarters

Chavenlink, Quorta III

Mess Hall

The mess hall is tiled in medium blue and maroon, alternating in a large, staggered block pattern. There are enough tables to accomodate over thirty easily, but only enough for sixteen are set up right now. The rest are folded up and leaning against the far wall.

The opposite wall from the door holds a long opening with a snack bar that allows meals prepared in the kitchen to be served to those in the mess hall without having to send someone back and forth through the single swinging door.

As you watch, the swinging door that leads to the kitchen opens and a tiny, bright-eyed Stonecat kitten pounces out, chasing a battered pool ball, the seven. She's a pretty little thing, a rose quartz patterned much like a Terran lion cub. When she spots you, she squeaks, seizes her toy in her mouth and vanishes back into the kitchen. Through the snack bar opening, you can clearly hear the clink of plates and the skitter of the little rose quartz's claws on the tiles. Then, someone yelps and curses, followed by a tremondous crash.

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