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Welcome to PeaceKeeper Headquarters

Chavenlink, Quorta III


As you set out of the elevator and into the main 'lobby' area of the basement, you find yourself facing a short hallway. Unlike the main floor of the base, this hallway has only a few rooms and the doors are spaced further apart. The scent of the basement is slightly musty and it's obvious that this area is an escape for those PeaceKeepers who simply can't stand the heat and dry air of the main floor. The air here is cool and slightly clammy.

The first doorway is double-wide and has swinging doors to allow traffic to come and down without ever having to pull the door open. The doors are currently propped open and light from inside spills out to offer visability to the otherwise dark hallway.

The second doorway is heavy steel and has a force lock proudly displayed in place of a doorknob. To enter requires security clearance.

The final doorway, on the left, is also double-wide, but locked simply with an old-fashioned padlock.

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