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PeaceKeeper Zombie Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III

Checkatavi by: Lyla Toomney

Checkatavi (or Checka, for short) belongs to Zel Theievson, but it has been argued in reverse on occasion. The little Manquet has laid an emotional-social claim on the smuggler that prohibits her from being too far from her person for any extended length of time. Incredibly affectionate and intelligent, yet far from sentient, Checka takes serious offense to any man-handling of herself or her person and has the physical and telekinetic defenses to stop it.

Zel picked up Checka (or the other way around) during Zel's time as a fighter pilot on Checka's homeworld of Lanados. She is an average-sized Manquet, but her mental capacities are surprisingly high, even for a wild Manquet. She's partially empathic and very sensitive to Zel's moods, not to mention highly protective of her person.

Vital Stats
Name: Checkatavi
Gender: Female
Species: Manquet
Years of Service: n/a
Owner: Zel Theiveson
Age: 3
Length: 2 ft
Eye color: Green
Hair/pelt color: Charcoal grey with light brown tabby stripes
Player: Lyla Toomney