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PeaceKeeper Species Pages

Chavenlink, Quorta III

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The Grahn, also known as 'Trackers' or 'Bonecrackers,' are a race of massive, extremely-intelligent hyena-like creatures. They can move on either two or all four limbs, and despite their usually-mellow demeanor around others, are usually given a wide berth wherever they go. Females are larger than males, but both genders are exceedingly tough. Grahn are almost identical to terran hyenas, save for the fact that they are six feet at the shoulder when on all fours, come in a variety of odd color combinations, and posess a pair of wide, dragon-like wings that spring from their shoulders. Most Grahn are not aggressive by nature, but the species has a long history of wars and fierce combats... all of which they're dominated.


Vital Stats
Name: Grahn
Homeworld: Grah
Ave. Size: 6' at shoulder
Submission by: H'rarrphey