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Welcome to PeaceKeeper Headquarters

Chavenlink, Quorta III
Art Gallery

This is the PeaceKeeper Gallery. Here you can peruse the artwork submitted by roleplayers. It's still under major construction, but now (at least) there are a few new pieces.

New Sketchies! These two are done by me (Lyla) of Br^ek, one of the characters from "Leaving the Tower":

Br^ek by Lyla Toomney

And this one is Jesse Blackshoulder and his flirtatous friend, Nev, a walk-through character who took on a background life of her own. Don't ask. It's a long story.
Jesse and Nev by Lyla Toomney

StormSong Herakai did a few nice character sketches for her character, Ash'taih:

Ash'taih's charater sketch by StormSong Herakai
Another view of Ash'taih by StormSong Herakai

Making their online debut are the character sketches I (Lyla) did for Jesse and Cejay. These sketches can also be seen on their respective character pages. Click on the image to see a larger (if somewhat fuzzy) image:

Cejay's character sketch by Lyla Toomney
Jesse's character sketch by Lyla Toomney

Here is part of a series of concept drawings done by a friend of mine, Cara Mitten. I originally was working on a novel involving the Fili-gin (one of the Motoybian Gin sub-species) and she was kind enough to do a few drawings for me. Here's the concept:

Fili-gin concept drawn by Cara Mitten

Click for a larger version.
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