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Welcome to PeaceKeeper Headquarters

Chavenlink, Quorta III
Character Listings

Here you can find the names, species, ranks and backgrounds of the main characters currently roleplaying in the PeaceKeeper universe. Due to the nature of this roleplay, these page is almost under constant construction. If you would like to have your character added, please go to the character submissions page. To see a sample character page, click here.

Due to the ungainly nature of the former set-up of the character page, changes have been made. Now, to see the character listings, choose one of these two formats:

"In Character" (IC) Character Listings

This page shows characters under IC catagories, such as PeaceKeeper Files, Staff or Civilians.

"Out of Character" (OOC) Character Listings

This page shows characters grouped by players' email addresses.
Species Specs
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