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Welcome to PeaceKeeper Headquarters

Chavenlink, Quorta III
Character Submissions

Below is the form for submitting new characters to Lyla. Please fill it out completely. You must have a valid email address to submit a character. Addresses will be checked. Please remember: only eight alts per player. Also, please wait until you have recieved a confirmation email from Lyla before starting to use a character in any public (ie: message board) roleplay.

A quick note on a new policy: I'm now allowing Zombie characters, meaning characters that aren't sentient or unable to exist on their own. Examples of Zombies: pets, computer program personalities, etc. There are no limits on number of Zombies at this time. If your Zombie is a non-sentient species, you still must submit the species to me before using it. Non-sentient species are denoted with (n/s) after the name.

One more additional note, then on to the form. This is about ranks. Due to a lot of confusion about the ranks within the Privates, I'm posting this to explain as well as I can. The file positions, in order of seniority are as follows: file 1st, file rear guard, file 2nd, file 4th and file 3rd. I set this up in accordance with the idea that you always want someone trustworthy guarding your posterior. Thus, a newly assigned private would normally start out as a file 3rd, unless they have an absolutely wonderful record. Sorry for the confusion.

Character Name:
Height: (in feet, inches)
Eye color:
Hair/pelt color:
5-10 sentence history:
PeaceKeeper Rank:
Years of PeaceKeeper Service:
Your Name:
Your Email:
Is this your first character, an alt or a Zombie?
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