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Welcome to PeaceKeeper Headquarters

Chavenlink, Quorta III

Main Lobby

When you first enter the Chavenlink PeaceKeeper base, you can't help but note the feeling of age in the building. The main lobby is slightly dusty and the tile is scuffed from many different types of feet. The tiles used to be dark navy, but time and use has faded them to a medium blue. The walls are painted pale, sky blue and the finishings and moldings are done in a light, maple-like wood.

To the immediate left is a short corridor with an inset doorway. The door is glass and wood and bares a plaque that reads, "Sergeant Lav^ki". The hallway ends in a small, narrow window that overlooks a sandy side-street.

To the right is another short corridor that ends in a small staircase leading to the lower level basement. Facing you is another doorway with a similar--if older--plaque with "Sergeant Lyla Toomney" inscribed on it.

Straight ahead is a wider, longer hallway with doorways and bronze-like plaques proclaiming the rooms names. At the very end of the hallway is a fire door with a large, red exit sign above it.

On the wall just before you start down the main hallway is a framed, well-marked map of the base:

Map Coming Soon

Species Specs
Bulletin Board
Yahoo! Club